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Gatwick Wheelchair Taxi

Gatwick Wheelchair Taxis is a company specialising in transport for Wheelchair users to and from ports including London Gatwick Airport. 

Run by a former careworker who has qualifications in manual handling, dementia, safeguarding plus many more care related qualifications, Gatwick wheelchair taxis have been running for over 5 years and have transported many customers ranging from school runs, hospitals journeys, church runs and care home transportation.

All cars are fully insured and all drivers have passed a strict enchanced CRB process to qualify for the local authorities taxi license.

Gatwick wheelchair taxis have a number of wheelchair vehicles with ramp access and the ability to seat two further paseengers along with the wheelchair. The wheelchair user stays in the wheelchair throughout the journey and is assisted up the ramp into the spacious purpose built accessible taxi where they are safely secured with a 6 break locking system and a custom built seatbelt. Once the wheelchair is in place there is also room for a further two passengers.

Gatwick wheelchair taxis service is perfect for journeys to and from:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Days out
  • School run
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Care Homes
  • Regular journeys to a set location

Gatwick Wheelchair Taxis understand that the care/charity industry is not a cash business, therefore if it would be more convenient to set up an account to be invoiced monthyl, we would be happy to accommodate such a arrangement as we do with many other of our clients.


Gatwick wheelchair taxi

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